Spinning around Bydgoszcz

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Hello All , im a new member. My name is Samet. Nice to meet you all.I just moved to Bydgoszcz 1 year ago. Im living here.I bought permission vistul river but i couldnt find some fish in there.Also water level was not good. Im fishing with spinning technique , catch&release. That's a reason im searching Perch , Zander , Throut and Pike. I will try Brda river but im not sure its a good spot and will not worth to buy permission. I can go private rivers , private lakes too for catching. Can someone tell me where i have to go for fishing ? Thanks for your helps and good luck all with your fishing adventures. Best Regards.

The Brda river is a best option for you mate. Just go to google maps, and check the north part of Bydgoszcz. You have to find a catch and release stretch, where is a plenty of fish to targeting. Or just check a website of Polish Anglers Association / Bydgoszcz branch, and try to find over there. You will probably need a special "trout and greyling " licence to fishing on river Brda. Also, im not sure, if is any "English" website option available, so ask your polish mates for any propper translation, to make sure, you not breaking the rules, Fingers crossed pal. (2020/05/13 21:27)


Hi Grisza-78 , Thank you very much for your reply. I will try to north parts of Bydgoszcz. Before buying the licence , i will try and if its worth i will buy it. As i say i bought licence for Vistul but there was no any hit :) . Licence prices are not low you know. Thank you very much again mate. (2020/05/14 09:12)